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Image by Olga Thelavart
top Australian Shepherd show dog

Broken Arrow's Dirty Martini


Olive is a Best of Breed winner who only needs 5 more points for her championship! Olive is tender hearted and sweet, very focused and velcro (loyal sidekick).  If Olive falls in love with you she will do anything to please you.  Olive is competitive - titled in dock diving, Canine Good citizen, AKC All Star Puppy - Olive has "no quit" and "will win" whether in the show ring or on the dock.  Olive is going to move on to training with stock next.  Her puppies will do well in the show ring or as performance prospects.  If you want a loyal go everywhere with you companion an Olive puppy will fit that bill too!

Aussie red merle male lying on the couch

Middle Forks THOR Son of Thunder


Thor is a big "teddy bear." He's super sweet, gentle, and loving. This is the dog who babysits the kids for us! He loves to sit with the kids and do whatever they are doing. Tea parties, hide-and-seek, tag, you name it. . . Thor is in!

Thor is conformationally very correct and absolutely gorgeous. He's very athletic, yet a couch potato in the house.

Image by Olga Thelavart
beautiful profile of female Australian Shepherd

Middle Forks Black Pearl


Everybody wants a Pearl puppy!  She is the near perfect dog.  Velcro, sweet, biddable. I can go anywhere with Pearl off leash and she is always right by my side!  Pearl is the Alpha dog in our house and keeps the whole pack in line :)  She is wicked fast and loves agility and working on the farm all day long.  At night she curls up on the couch to watch movies.  She produces puppies that are consistent and have great temperaments. 


Pearl is conformationally correct, on the smaller size for an Aussie and just super sweet!

magnificent eyes of an Australian Shepherd

Broken Arrow's Cry Me A River


River is our up and coming female!  I love this puppy!  When River greets you her whole body "wiggles" and she smiles.  This little girl never met a stranger.  River is dual registered AKC/ASCA and has started her conformation career.  Looking forward to a bright future for her!

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