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Champion Dock Divers and Show Dogs

Elk Ridge Australian Shepherd diving off a dock
Pacific Northwest Aussie breeder
Australian Shepherd show dog

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About Our Dock Diving Dogs

Australian Shepherds, by nature, are highly intelligent and energetic dogs. They are natural retrievers and have an affinity for water. Dock diving is a sport that allows Aussies to tap into these innate senses.


The object is for the dog to run and jump off the end of a dock into a body of water and suspend in air as long as possible. It is the job of a handler to throw a toy as a directional to get the dog to jump.

Competitive dock diving was established in 1997, and today, there are several dock diving associations and competitions. 

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Elk Ridge is "Best In Show"

Our Elk Ridge show dogs have displayed the grooming and physique worthy of "Best in Show" recognition. Judges often place emphasis on the following categories:

  • Color 

  • Build

  • Distinctive Markings

  • Coat

  • Size

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